Turtle Island News

Turtle Island News

Recently Bob Binford has sent me the newest edition for Turtle Island News! Check it out for the story of Bob and much more

Interview with Bad Bob Binford

Bobby Binford Live

Interview with Bobby BinfordMonday, November 23 @ 6:30pm90.7 FM in Portland or onlineat kboo (dot) fm Please join us tonight for an interview with Bobby Binford.  Binford is a native american activist who has been incarcerated for 48 of his 62 years of life including numerous years in isolation.  Binford describes incarceration as being “buried…

Just the start.

The idea behind this project is to build better connections between families and those individuals that are incarcerated. Although this organization is just in its beginning stages, we soon will be soaring like the eagle. Please follow along as we develop our site and what we are doing to benefit those in need. This is…